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Crown tattoos are opted for by both the genders. It’s obvious symbol is that of royalty. But it serves to represent different concepts for different individuals. It is mostly chosen because of the large number of variations which can be made in its design. You can keep it simple or add embellishments. You can make it feminine or masculine and so on. In general it represents power, supremacy and might – all of which are factors which individuals strive to achieve.

crown tattoo designs

Best King And Queen Crown Tattoo Designs With Meanings:

Leadership, Power and Royalty sum up the core features of this fast catching Crown tattoo trend. Crown tattoo designs are one of the best tattoos suitable for people having the characters of being leader, king/queen, and people who love enjoying respect.

1. Queen Crown Tattoo With Diamond:


To make a style statement of one’s own, people opt for crown tattoos with a diamond. Diamonds as they say are girl’s best friend and what better ways than to get a diamond tattoo as a body art with a crown for that princess feel for a girl/ woman. This tattoo can surely go a long way in saying a lot about ones personality as a whole. Diamonds are known for confidence and a crown is a mark of royalty.

2. Large Crowns Tattoo With Stones:

Large crowns with stones and more details

Crown tattoo designs have a lot of flexibility in the sense that you can make them a simple black silhouette or make them large and detailed. Spanning across centuries, rulers have worn crowns ranging from simple halos made of olive branches to exquisite velvet crowns embellished with precious gems. So depending on your taste and style you can choose the kind of crown you want in your tattoo.

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3. Embellished Sleeve Crown Tattoo With Flowers:

Embellished crown with flowers

A crown tattoo designs generally include other elements such as flowers, letters and so on. A crown alone is seldom used by people who are looking to get an attractive tattoo to adorn their body. A crown with precious stones and flowers around it is more their cup of tea.

4. Skull Crown Tattoo On Arm:

Crown with a skull

People interested in the macabre often get a skull tattooed with the crown. The crown adds a regal look to their tattoo and makes its meaning clearer and strengthens the message it is relating. There are other added elements too, but the crown gives the skull the kingship it was lacking previously.

5. Lion With Crown Tattoo On Hand:

Crown tattoo with a lion

In terms of zodiac sign the crown represents the sun sign Leo. Thus a crown with a lion generally represents the Leo sun sign. The lion makes the meaning more evident and gives the tattoo a more intimidating look. Again the crown and lion are both symbols of power, strength and supremacy. Thus, people may opt for it without Leo being their sun sign.

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6. Couple Crown Tattoos On Hands:

Couple crown tattoos

A king is nothing without a queen. What more a way to connect with each other as partners for life and have a feel of royalty by way of body art. Thus couple tattoos are a common crown tattoo design too! You can choose the kind of crown which has one female counterpart and one male. This is one of the popular crown tattoo designs for couples.

7. Crown Tattoo With Heart And Wings:

A crown with heart and wings

A crown alone is widely chosen for a tattoo design. But often it is incorporated with other elements and features to make it look better and mean more than just royalty and to up the cool quotient. A crown with angelic wings and hearts is one of the coolest looking tattoo designs. It incorporates the royal look with the crown and has a freedom look with the widespread wings.

8. Crown Tattoo With Cross:

Crown with a cross

Christians believe that Jesus was crucified with a crown of thorns upon his head. Many religious fanatics get a crowned cross tattooed upon their arms. This symbolizes their deep seated faith in Jesus and the miracles he can perform. Again many people may opt for this design to represent their struggles and not the Christian meaning behind it.

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9. King Crown Tattoo With Name:

Crown with a name

Another typical crown design is that of a crowned name. The king represents the highest authority in most monarch systems. In some cultures the king was believed to be the representative of god! People who wish to portray how highly they think of themselves often get their names tattooed with embellished crowns over them. It is one of the perfect crown tattoo designs for men.

10. Small Black Crown Tattoo On Neck:


Crowns can be simple or extravagant. Sometimes the simple ones look way more sophisticated and deep than those embellished with all sorts of precious stones. So the most common among the crown tattoo designs are the simple black ones that are made small and generally on the inside of one’s wrist. You can get it on your arm or the back of your neck too!. It is one of the best crown tattoo designs for girls.

11. Imperial Queen Crown Tattoo:


As the word rightly says, Imperial means Royal or princely/majestic. Getting an Imperial Crown tattoo is just the perfect way to show the power and command one possesses. Also, as Imperial signifies power with royalty, it commands respect from the person wearing the tattoo and also is a mark of self-control and taking wise and just decisions.

12. Tribal Crown Tattoo Designs:


Tribal refers to the design or the style used in traditional tattoos in Polynesian cultures. This style of tattoo art uses thick lines and geometric patterns while incorporating new elements. Tribal tattoos are the new way of expression in today’s life. Crown symbolizes power and prestige. The tribal design in the crown tattoo adds to the funkiness quotient and also to the personality of the person wearing the tattoo.

13. Crown Tattoo With Quote And Heart:


Finding a quote that truly inspires you can be turned into a tattoo that has real meaning behind it with the elements of a crown and a heart for that special feel on a daily basis. Traditional tattoo designs are great but a quote tattoo motivates you or just makes you feel better when you need it the most. Or you could have the best of both worlds, couple a quote with a heart and a crown and you’ll have a tattoo that everyone is sure to appreciate!

14. Crown Tattoo With Letter:


What better way to get inked than with the initial of one’s name or with the first alphabet of one’s name. Top those with a crown for that royal feel and there you have just made a style statement of your own. Crown tattoos with alphabets are very popular among youth for the addition to one’s character. Combination of a crown tattoo with the alphabet also reveals one’s thoughts and also savors the pleasure for appreciating one’s thoughts too.

15. Small Crown Tattoo On Finger:


One of the most visible parts of human body are ones fingers and wearing tattoos or rings them can surely be a style statement. Also, finger crown tattoos are becoming a popular fashion statement around the globe. The best things about finger tattoos are that they are versatile as one can have a great variety of designs tattooed on the fingers. Finger crown tattoos are particularly popular among women. The designs may be minimalistic and simple because of the small area available for creating them, but they say a lot about the taste and attitude of the person carrying the finger crown tattoo designs.

The crown has been always used as a symbol of royal power and authority. The crown suggests the absolute power to rule. Wearing the crown as a tattoo is for victory and to enjoy respect among the surroundings. As a tattoo symbol, the crown doesn’t just mean the right to command. It symbolizes an individual’s sovereignty over life, feelings, thoughts, and actions. The crown tattoo is a symbol of self-control, and is a reminder to use power and authority in a wise and just manner.

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