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Fewer tattoos come with meaning and if you are in love or you are a couple then you can use tattoo as a commitment, this king queen tattoo describes the strength of love; it shows your relationship is strong till the end of life. The couples who fall in love with each other usually make each other the king and queen respectively of their love and life. They even choose to make the tattoos of showing the initials or the letters of the word king and queen or the portraits of the king and queen on any part of their body.

The tattoos can be beautifully carved with the crowns of the king and queen. Some beautiful examples are nicely described in this article.

Best and Stylish King and Queen Tattoos:

Let’s find here with mention King and Queen Tattoos for couples and lovers to keep love forever.

1. Wrist King and Queen Tattoo:

Wrist King and Queen Tattoo

The king and queen tattoo words are written on the wrist or can be said written on the back of the palm with beautiful cursive handwriting and the crowns of the respective looks incredible. Whenever the couple holds each other’s hand the tattoos reveal the dynamic feature of the couple as the king and queen. You can share your thoughts with your partner with this style of pattern.

2. King and Queen Designed Tattoo:

King and Queen Designed Tattoo

The King and queen tattoo initials are tagged on the wrist below the thumb with the respective colours in red and black for the lady and the man. The tattoo is so designed with a small template of the crowns and the heart and a leaf of the poker set for the respective hand. You can try this design to describe your love in a simple way, grab this design and give a love statement to your partner.

3. King and Queen Letter N Crowns Tattoo:


King and Queen Letter N Crowns Tattoo

The King and queen tattoos crown with letters and crown both on the arm looks beautiful on a couple’s hands. Large initials and shaded borders give a spectacular look to the tattoo. You can take a crown pattern with the name of king and queen; you will get nice attention from your dear one.

4. King and Queen Crown Tattoos:

King and Queen Crown Tattoos

The king and queen crown tattoos can be done on the couples hands with only the crowns highlighted anywhere on the hand of both the couples. The man can make the queen and king tattoo on the back of the palm while the lady can make on the wrist end. This style is good contact with your partner; this one is a symbol of your commitment.

5. King and Queen Finger Tattoo:

King and queen Finger Tattoo

Couple tattoos with the king and queen signs also have small designs of the crowns on the fingers. Couples make such tattoos as hidden tattoos on the inner side of the fingers that are seen only if shown. The cute little crowns look lovely. When you grab your partner finger that time both designs will come to near and you both will get a good feeling, for this type of design gives proper heart feelings. Nice collection for your love in simple way.

6. King and Queen Shoulder Tattoos:

King and Queen Shoulder Tattoos

King and queen tattoo images are also well known to be made on the shoulders by couples. Couples make such tattoos with a feeling of pride and have a royal attitude as well. The easily visible image of the king and queen tattoo looks beautiful. If you try this design on your shoulders, then you both can use vest and off-shoulder top to show off your love. This is a simple way to grab attention on your tattoos.

7. Lion King and Lioness Queen Tattoos:

Lion King and Lioness Queen Tattoos

Couples tattoo with the queen king tattoos presenting with the lion king and lioness queen faces also look incredible. Men and women loving the nature and the wildlife love the tattoos made on such topics. The face of a lion and lioness as the king and queen made on the middle finger looks beautiful. Lion shows his strength and lioness queen deserve his lion as a king, king queen tattoo gives full strength to your relation.

8. King and Queen Crown Body Tattoo:

King and Queen Crown Body Tattoo

The king and queen crowns tattoo made on the body are some very beautiful tattoo ideas for couples and for a meaningful tattoo of king and queen. Couples choose to make their body show their attire of king and queen. Those married couples who like to show some different pattern of love, and then they can try this style of the statement of love, get such design on your first night on marriage.

9. King and Queen Portrait Tattoos:

King and Queen Portrait Tattoos

The king & queen tattoos can be incredibly chosen with the beautiful idea of making the portraits on their arms or the legs. The portraits look marvelous with the crowned king and queen beautifully fallen in love with each other holding roses in their hands. When the hands are brought together the tattoos look as if the portraits get completed bringing together. This is simple and charming design which you will get in less time; you can try or personalize different idea patterns too.

10. Lion King and Queen Crowned Feet Tattoo:

Lion King and Queen Crowned Feet Tattoo

The lion king and queen tattoos look beautiful when carved on the feet. With an extra touch of creativity the tattoos of the lion king and queen can be crowned. The lion and lioness considered as the king and queen of the wildlife people can choose to carve the idea as tattoos on their body. Such design is famous among newly married couples too; it helps them to show their attitude and character of love. It takes little time, but you will get a cool picture after finishing this design.

11. King and Queen Couple Back Neck Tattoo:

King and Queen Couple Back Neck Tattoo

The king and queen matching tattoos are made by couples easily seen on the back side of the neck. The king and queen crowns are beautifully carved largely on the back neck. Made in colourful ink the tattoos look beautiful. When you design this tattoo on back neck, then this design will catch the attention of everyone, it looks cool on behind the neck.

12. King and Queen Rose Crowned Tattoo:

King and Queen Rose Crowned Tattoo

As the rose flower is considered the king of all flowers, people choose the creative idea of making the rose crown with the crown of king and queen respectively on the hands of the men and women. With and extra effect of cursive written king and queen tattoo looks more beautiful. This design prefers by young or old couples who like to share something different but attractive design.

13. King and Queen Initial Hearts Tattoos:

King and Queen Initial Hearts Tattoos

The king and queen of hearts tattoo can be beautifully neatly carved on the back of the feet too. The heart is the symbol of love and it describes, you have a heart which engaged already. If you want to show your great commitment then tells to your partner this simple design idea. A simple small heart with the initials of king and queen looks simple sober and attractive.

14. King and Queen Chess Tattoos:

King and Queen Chess Tattoos

The king and queen chess dice tattoos are also newer and very attractive tattoos that have been being wild among the couple tattoo lovers. The chess king and queen tattoos for men and women, respectively can be made on any part of the body representing them as king and queen for each other. You can use any type of picture which describe king and queen, but this chess king and queen gives a good choice among all king queen tattoos. Try this for your dear one.

15. King and Queen Ring Tattoo:

King and Queen Ring Tattoo

The king and queen ring tattoos are being hot favourite among men and women with the most decent style and design of king and queen tattoo designs. The ring fingers are beautifully carved with the king and queen crown tattoos. You can try this design of the tattoo on your forearms, give this idea to your partner and take a look this design for a long time.

King and queen they are not complete without each other, the people who passionately fall in love like the kings and queens generally love the idea of a king and queen tattoos. They beautifully carve the crowns of the king and queen and their body parts. Writing the initials with small templates also is in much trend in the world of tattoos. Body tattoos can be incredibly painted in the ink of tattoos describing the king and queen love for each other. Whether it is the lion king and queen or the chess king and queen, Ort the king and queen of flowers, the rose flower, men and women represent themselves as the king and queen for each other with these ideas of tattoos. When you plan such type of designs that time take guidance from your tattoo designer, they are experts in tattooing so they will present you some new collections too.

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