15 Traditional Indian Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Indian tattoo designs generally include complicated floral patterns with several lines and curves. Indian henna tattoos are a common form of temporary tattoo. They use natural elements and are not painful to get, because the tattoo makers apply these indian tattoo designs tattoos with the help of squeezing pouches rather than tattoo machines.

indian tattoo designs

Indian tattoo designs are elaborate and exquisite. They look stunning and are very difficult to make. All in all if you want an Indian tattoo design you must choose a very skillful tattoo maker.

Indian Tattoo Designs For Men And Women With Meanings:

Here we posted 15 best Indian tattoo designs with meanings and pictures for both men and women.

1. The Indian Religious Tattoo:

Indian religious tattoo

This particular Indian tribal tattoo sports a beautiful design and displays the heritage of Indian culture. The tattoo can be worn by both men and women. We have seen a number of “Om” tattoo design already on this list. This one has been done on the neck but can also be done on other body parts. Men can display such tattoos on their arms and women can do it as shown in the picture above. Who wouldn’t like to sport this breathtaking Indian tattoo design? The tattoo allows you to sport the tattoo culture and at the same time assists you in keeping up with the Indian religious values.

2. Indian God Art Tattoos:

15 Traditional Indian Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Indians have a large number of gods in their religion. They have an extremely rich cultural background which is both exquisite and very diverse. Different parts of India worships different kinds of gods. While every Indian respects each of these gods, they all have some preferences. Images of Indian gods are beautiful and thus, make for excellent tattoos. Each god has some specific strength or meaning. Thus your tattoo not only looks good but also has symbolic value.


3. The Colorful Native American Tattoo Design Women:

Are you in search of Indian tattoo designs for men? This might be the perfect one for you. Both men and women will be impressed by the beauty of this amazing Native American girl tattoo design. It will look awesome on the forearms. Women can, however, sport this design on their back.

colorful Native American Indian tattoo

The tattoo exhibits so much beauty that anyone will easily fall in love with this design. The color combination of this inked motif makes it look even more attractive than it actually is. If you’re looking for Indian tattoos for men then getting this particular tattoo won’t be a bad decision.

4. The Tribal Art Design:

tribal tattoos for men and women

This is an amazing tribal tattoo which will be suitable for both men and women. The tattoo shows the beauty of the headgear of the Native Americans. One can proudly sport such tattoos on their back. In the picture above, we see that the tattoo has been done on the belly. You can do this tattoo on the arms, legs, etc. Women can, however, get such tattoos done on their back. Who wouldn’t want to sport such beautiful tattoos on their body? The design will be suitable for those who are obsessed with the ink artworks and who admire the feeling of ink on their body.

5. Indian Elephant Tattoo Design:

15 Traditional Indian Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Indian tattoo design typically include an outline of the object which is filled with intricate patterns and designs to make it more complicated and thus look breathtaking. Indian elephant tattoo designs are of such a nature too. if you are a great lover of elephants or wish to represent the power and loyalty which they symbolize then this is an excellent choice for you.

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6. Indian Henna Tattoo Design:

15 Traditional Indian Tattoo Designs and Meanings

The patterns used in typical Indian cool henna tattoos are not always floral. They include abstract curves and lines too. these too look exquisite and beautiful.

7. Indian Dream Catcher Tattoo Art:

15 Traditional Indian Tattoo Designs and Meanings

The concept of dream catchers originated from the Cherokee culture. Dream catchers generally have a circular net which is embellished with feathers or stones. Here this tattoo is beautifully drawn on the back side of a girl.

8. American Red Indian Tattoo Design:

15 Traditional Indian Tattoo Designs and Meanings

The Cherokees or the American Red Indians were also great fans of tattoos. A Cherokee face with its feathered head gear makes for an excellent tattoo. It symbolizes that you are a follower and supporter of the Cherokee culture which is as vast and deep as the Indian one.

9. A Peacock Feather Tattoo Art:

15 Traditional Indian Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Peacocks are one of the most beautiful birds in the world. A peacock feather thus makes for a very beautiful tattoo. The Indian god Krishna is shown with a peacock feather always on his head. Thus many Indian tattoo designs have a single peacock feather with a flute, symbolizing the divine power of Lord Krishna.

10. The American Indian Warrior Tattoo Design:

American Indian warrior tattoo design

Here, we have a beautiful Indian tattoo which can be done on the arms. Men would like to sport such artistic tattoo designs which display such great work with the help of tattoo ink. The tattoo will also be suitable for women. They can get this tattoo done on the back where it will look the best. Once you get this tattoo done on your body, you will be impressed the feeling of this particular inked motif and want to flaunt it proudly.

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11. Indian Henna Inspired Floral Tattoos:

15 Traditional Indian Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Henna Indian tattoos sport exquisite floral patterns. You can use these patterns while designing your tattoo. They look beautiful and very different from the typical American flower tattoos. It is not overly feminine, not that men would ever opt for such a design, but it has a more regal look than a girly one.

12. The Feathers With Birds Tattoo:

Indian feather tattoo design for men and women

Looking for Indian tattoo designs? Here, we have some of the best Indian tattoo designs which will absolutely blow your mind. This tattoo design will work great for women. The feather art can also be claimed as a beautiful Indian tattoo design for men. There are a lot of male tattoo-lovers who love the concept of feather and birds in the form of tattoos.

13. Traditional Indian Om Tattoos:

15 Traditional Indian Tattoo Designs and Meanings

The most holy and famous of Indian words is the word ‘Om’. Om is commonly used by meditators all over the world to calm their nerves and relax their bodies. In India it is used as a prayer call to the great Lord Shiva. Thus a tattoo design with Om written in the Devanagari script and a ‘trishul’ or a ‘dumru’ along with it is a common Indian tattoo design. ‘Trishul’, a three headed spear is Lord Shiva’s chosen weapon and the dumru represents his great love for dance and music.

14. The Indian Feather Tattoo for Men and Women:

Indian feather tattoo for men and women

This particular Indian tattoo design sports a feather and a gem like design. Girls admire it when they sport such tattoos on men’s arms. It reveals that there is a still a young boy inside the grownup man who often want’s to show his admiration for tattoo art. This Indian tattoo design will make your day when you look at it. It gives out a beautiful design and the way the feather has been tattooed, it looks completely real.

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15. Indian Style Peacock Tattoo Design:

15 Traditional Indian Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Besides floral patterns Indian tattoos also include complicated forms of beautiful animals like peacocks, birds, elephants etc. An Indian style peacock looks amazing. It has a typical curves head and its feathers are made elaborate by adding several different layers of designs and patterns. You can make the tattoo more attractive by adding colour or you may even choose to keep it a simple black outline.

People admire Indian tattoo designs because of the country’s rich culture and heritage. In Indian tattoos, one can find a lot about the historical and religious importance of the country. If you’re interested in Indian tattoo designs, then the list above will definitely prove to be extremely beneficial for you.

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