25 Attractive Body Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

The word body art is a very broad term. It could be a tattoo on your shoulder, painting or even an ear piercing. In short it is everything related to the decoration of your skin. Body art helps an individual to express themselves. It also gives them a new identity and an opportunity to flaunt their bodies.

body tattoo designs

Different Types of Tattoos on Body for Men And Women with Images:

Body art tattoos gives us an idea about the standard and ideology of a person. The best body tattoo designs for men and women with pictures have been enlisted in the following paragraphs.

1. Flower Body Tattoo Designs:

Flower Body Art Tattoos

Flower Body Art Tattoos are very beautiful and vibrant to look that. The colorful petals and green leaves give the tattoo a very delicate and natural look. They are essentially feminine and liked mostly by women. They can be used with a variety of combinations such as the hummingbird or any other bird that sucks nectar from the flower. This makes the tattoo stand out, giving it a blossoming and gorgeous look. Flower Body Art Tattoo designs signify the real beauty of an individual and which generally comes from within the heart. It is truly wonderful and a great choice for the ladies.

2. Crispy Body Tattoo Design For Women:

body art tattoos for women

Are you looking for body art tattoos for women? Here is a brilliant design with which one can make the body of women look even more alluring. Here, almost the whole body has been tattooed with wonderful designs. Hipster girls are often spotted flaunting such tattoo designs. If you think that this tattoos might be too much for you then you’re in the wrong place. True tattoo lovers will love this idea of tattooing the body with permanent ink and want to get it done on their body as soon as possible.

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3. The Meaningful Body Tattoo Art For Teenagers:

meaningful body art tattoo design for teenagers

In today’s world, we can see a number of below 18 tattoo lovers. People who have just reached the age of 18 and are freshmen in the field of adults are often seen to sport body art tattoos which either covers the whole arms or the whole back, legs, etc. Here, we can see the male model in the picture is flaunting an attractive body art tattoo designs which have a wonderful meaning attached to it as well. The tattoo design will make any female tattoo-lover made for him.

4. The Artistic Body Tattoos For Women:

artistic body tattoos for women

Since, women love tattooing their back, here we have an amazing tattoo intended for the back only. The tattoo looks a bit Japanese and exhibits incomparable beauty. It looks as if the tattoo artist is tattooing the design of a bird on her body. This body art tattoo is one of a kind. Those tattoo-lovers who are mad about art and culture will admire this tattoo a lot. Along with that, this tattoo will also be suitable for those group of people who admire the feeling of ink on their body. The design is so alluring that you can’t just take your eyes off it.

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5. Tribal Body Sleeve Art Tattoo:


For those who want to like themselves a traditional look should definitely choose tribal body art tattoo. It looks fine, ethnic and very appealing on the skin.

6. Stars Body Tattoo:

Stars Body Art Tattoos

Star Body Tattoos look very pretty and attractive on a feminine body. A combination of different patterns along with colorful stars is guaranteed to look marvelous on the skin.

7. Angel Body Tattoos Art:


Angel Body Tattoos art are very special and always seen among females. These designs appeal to them a lot and also help them to reflect their personal feelings. Angels signify purity and innocence and there are a great variety of designs to choose from. Some of them could signify the death of a close friend who has now become an angel while others could evoke a feeling of something sinister.

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8. Phoenix Body Tattoo Design for Men:

Phoenix Body Art Tattoos

Phoenix Body Art Tattoos are a great choice for people who are newly experimenting with tattoos. A phoenix represents kindness, and virtue. They are large birds and stand out among the rest. Those who want to give themselves a bold look should use this tattoo design for themselves.

9. Religious Body Art Tattoo on Back:

Religious Body Art Tattoos

Religious Body Art Tattoos make an excellent choice for those who are serious followers of a particular faith. Some people like to define themselves through their religion and this inscribing their Gods and Goddesses on their shoulders or backs make them confident of who they are. This design is definitely in trend today and followed by many girls.

10. Classic Body Tattoo Art For Girls:

Body tattoos for girls

Here, we have a beautiful body art tattoo on the arms suitable for women. On the right arm, we can see a colorful floral design which suits her looks. On the left hand also, we have a pretty attractive design. Both of them are really beautiful and is the ideal set of body tattoo designs.

11. Elaborate Tribal Body Tattoo For Men:

tribal body tattoo for men

This particular tribal body tattoo are intended for men only. Such tattoos will provide with a masculine rebellious personality. It will make you feel good about yourself and should consider yourself if you can get this set of tattoos on your shoulders and back since they are not a piece of cake and only a true tattoo artist will be able to provide you with such tattoo designs on your body.

12. Birds Body Tattoo Designs For Girls:

Birds Body Art Tattoos

Since body tattoos has become a source of expression and speech to the youth, they bird body art tattoos will be a great idea for those who want to speak about freedom and the transience of life through their tattoos. It speaks a lot about the individual as well.

13. Dragon Body Tattoo for Girls Back:

Dragon Body Art Tattoos

Dragon Body Tattoos are currently in great demand. They are inspired by the Chinese culture and tradition and are liked by many people across the world. It also gives the individual a fierce and bold look. Most of the girls like to flaunt this types of body tattoo designs on back to exhibit the beauty.

14. Eccentric Body Art Tattoo Designs For Adult:

body art tattoos for adult

There are some tattoos, for which the wearer has to go through a lot of pain to make the tattoo designs look successful. Here, we can see that the man tattooing on his lower back is in a lot of pain. However, we are going to be talking about the tattoo design on his arms. Here, the arms are very well decorated with artistic tattoo designs which cover the whole arm starting from the deltoids to the palms. Anyone would like to flaunt such tattoos once they get them done on his body.

15. Watch Body Tattoo Design For Boys:

Watch Body Art Tattoos

Watch body art tattoos are a great idea for those people who value time and would like to use it to give themselves a stylish and different identity through that. Wearing your favorite bracelet along with it will really give you a classy look. Boys love to flaunt this type of body tattoos.

16. Colorful Body Tattoo for Girls:

25 Attractive Body Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

Looking for body art tattoo designs. This is a very good design suitable for women. This particular body tattoo will work best on the arms. You will have to tattoo both the arms to make this design look successful. You will feel great when you will be sporting a meaningful tattoo design. The tattoo has childish dragon and cartoon elements attached to it which make this design look so alluring.

17. The Intricate Body Tattoos For Women:

arm body tattoo for women

Body art tattoo designs look great on women. Some women have extremely attractive physical features which allow them to sport the body art tattoo designs in a brilliant manner. Here, we can see that almost the whole left arm has been tattooed. The tattoo will work best for those who are really interested in the tattoo art culture.

18. The Daughter Love Body Tattoo Design For Father:

daughter love body art tattoo design for men

This is probably one of the most adorable body art tattoo design for men. We can see that the man has tattooed his arms with the picture of his little daughters smiling face. How cannot one just love this tattoo design? It will be suitable for those men who are tattoo-lovers and also are fathers.

19. The God Body Tattoo Designs For The Back:

God body art tattoo design for the back

In search of religious full body art tattoos? Here, is a really good full body art tattoo done on the back. The tattoo covers the whole back and makes it look very attractive. Men who like the feeling of the tattoo ink on their body will definitely want to get this tattoo done. The tattoo has a religious side to it and comes with a floral element as well.

20. The Latest Body Tattoo Art:

best body art chest and arm tattoo design

These set of latest tattoos might go over the head for some casual tattoo lovers. But for the true tattoo lovers, these set of tattoos is the key to freedom as they can finally get their chest and arms tattooed with such beautiful pattern consisting of a small and intricate designs.

21. The Nature Body Tattoo For the Back:

floral tattoos for the back

Here, we have another beautiful floral body art tattoo design for the back. Women will fall in love with this extremely alluring nature body tattoo design on the back which sports flower, trees, birds, etc.

22. The Black Ink Body Tattoos:

black ink body art tattoo design

This is another beautiful body art tattoo design suitable for women. Here, the chest and the belly has been tattooed beautifully with intricate designs which make the girl look extra alluring.

23. The Floral Side Body Tattoo Design:

Tattoos Designs as Body Art

The side body tattoo design is probably one of the best designs for women who like ink  jobs on their body. It shows off a floral pattern.

24. Dress Body Tattoo Designs For Women:


This is a brilliant body dress tattoo design which will work best if done on the back. It is considered to be one of the most practiced back body tattoos for women with different forms of shapes.

25. Fighter Tribal Body Tattoo Art:

tribal body art tattoo for men

This tribal body art design will relate you to a highly prestigious native land. The tattoo can also make a guy look like a man and make his feel masculine and powerful.

Above were some of the best tattoo designs intended for those people who want to tattoo their body with beautiful designs. The list contains designs suitable for both men and women. If you’re into tattoos then we recommend you to go through the list once to get a loot at some of the best body art tattoos till now.

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