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Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, Kim Kardashian is not a professional actress or model but still she is considered as a trend setter and is also a popular style icon. Let’s just say she is popular for being popular. Her divine curves, magnificent smile and childish attitude make her the ideal doll of Hollywood. This social media personality has been very successful so far in whatever she has done.

Kim is one of the most of the highest paid television personalities ever. Some you might think that this Spanish magazine cover girl is all about makeup. But Kim is much more than just a mere pile of makeup. A number of times she has been spotted in L.A and New York without wearing any makeup.

1. The Cover Girl:

Kim Kardashian without makeup 1

Kim has often played the role of a cover girl for numerous magazines. But Kim was seen on the cover of a Spanish magazine where she wore no makeup. She was looking very natural and this picture proved how confident she is without any makeup.

2. A Little Tired:

Kim Kardashian without makeup 2

This picture makes it clear Kim endorses a lot of expensive makeup brands to look beautiful. But she doesn’t look horribly bad without makeup. She just looks a bit different, that’s all. Here, Kim keeps her hair open and sports a fancy jacket to rock the winter morning.

3. Those Eyes:

Kim Kardashian without makeup 3


Kim Kardashian has got expressive eyes which form a massive part of her beauty. Here, Kim is sporting her casual look while she’s outing with her family. Kim’s makeup-less look is an inspiration for women who struggle day in and day out with their makeup.

4. The Morning Glow:

Kim Kardashian without makeup 4

In this picture, Kim wishes everyone good morning with her no-makeup look. Kim’s tied up hair, makeup-less face, casual clothing reveals her simplicity. Undoubtedly, she is one of the most beautiful celebrity mothers in the world even without makeup,

5. With The Kids:

Kim Kardashian without makeup 5

Kim was strolling with her toddler child. She hardly faced any beauty issues due to pregnancy. One of the most amazing facts about Kim Kardashian is her natural beauty. Her flawless skin and great skin tone are an example for a lot of women to be confident and go out make-free.

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6. Rocking It in Black:

Kim Kardashian without makeup 6

This is a picture of Kim leaving the gym. She’s rocking the streets of L.A with her tight black sleeveless top and slim fit workout pants. The makeup-free Kim is nothing less than the styled-up Kim.

7. Someone Forgot Her Sun-Block Cream:

Kim Kardashian without makeup 7

Kim Kardashian posted this picture of hers where she wanted to reveal the fact that how careless she is when it comes to makeup. She forgot to put on her sun-block cream and took a picture of the consequences she faced. A lot of women were talking about this disaster though Kim seemed pretty cool.

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8. The College Girl:

Kim Kardashian without makeup 8

In this picture, Kim wears a Henley medium-sleeve t-shirt. She looks very fresh and flawless and without any makeup on. Those who know Kim close enough tell that though being one of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood, how much she likes to keep it natural.

9. At The Crib:

Kim Kardashian without makeup 9

This picture of Kim was taken at her home. Her tied up hair and casual black top makes her look so divine. Kim’s beauty natural beauty cannot be measured with the yardstick of the outrageous beauty products.

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