Try This “Oil Spill” Nail Art Tutorial

Don't be intimidated by this mani! Yes, it's a runway look (Chloé comme Parris, at Toronto Fashion Week last week). And yes, it was created by one of the hottest new nail artists (Toronto's very own Rita Remark, who has just been named lead nail artist for Essie).

But it's still easy enough for you to DIY this thing at home, I promise. Take a closer look:

It's called an "Oil Spill" mani and I feel like Rita created it with nail art dolts like me in mind.

She taught a mini-class on it last week and I found out that it's not about being perfectly meticulous with your application—in fact, it's just the opposite. The colours are supposed to swirl into each other, and slightly differently on each nail, for a totally unique, oily-looking texture. It's super-cool (like Rita herself!). I think it looks especially great with a longer, almond-shaped nail.

Let's do this thing...

What you need

Step one

Apply a thin layer of base coat.

Step two

Apply a thin coat of shimmery grey nail polish (such as Essie Nail Polish in Over the Edge) to the entire nail plate.

Step three

Since Essie nail polishes dry quickly, you'll need to work on one nail at a time. Open up the other shades: dark blue (Essie Nail Polish in Midnight Cami), silver (Essie Nail Polish in No Place Like Chrome), purple (Essie Nail Polish in Sexy Divide) and teal (Essie Nail Polish in Trophy Wife).

Step four

Working quickly, add a few strokes of each shade to one nail, allowing for some inconsistencies and unevenness.

Step five

Using the brush from your bottle of top coat (Essie No Chips Ahead Top Coat), gently swirl the colours together. Remember to use a light hand because you don't want to colours to blend—they should just swirl together.

Step six

When you have completed all ten nails, apply a coat of top coat (Essie No Chips Ahead Top Coat) to complete the look.

So... what do you think?

Are you into this nail look?

Have you ever tried the colour-swirling technique?

What's your favourite nail look/colour these days?

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