Tattoos That Honor Paris Attack Victims

The tragedy that took place in Paris on November 13th, 2015 didn’t have an impact on France only, but also on the world. People react differently when they have to deal with terrifying events like this one… Some of us might be overwhelmed by uselessness, while others feel enraged. In this situation, there’s nothing much we can do as individuals.

Tattoos That Honor Paris Attack Victims:

Profoundly marked by the acts of terrorism and the lost souls, a few people felt the need to get tattoos as reminders. They also wanted to show their support and honor the victims. Don’t imagine that only French people were present in parlors! Canadians and even Filipinos emphasized with France’s devastating events and got tattoos that honor Paris attack victims.
According to some people, getting an extra small tattoo on an already tattooed body doesn’t mean too much. Well, in that case, what if a girl got her first tattoo with this occasion? A French girl who absolutely hates needles, felt the desire to get inked. She didn’t want to ever forget this date and didn’t know how else she could express her feelings.
According to a published and renowned psycho-sociologist, our need to take action, matter and be relevant, is innate. Humans need symbols to communicate and sometimes verbal communication is not enough, so they get tattoos, paint or create works of art out of grief. Suffering and mourning are two of the strongest feelings a person can have.
In order to support the cause, there were a few tattoo artists who started drawing designs related to the tragedy. The owner of a parlor from the city of Le Havre offered Peace for Paris tattoos free of charge. He did that because he emphasized with everyone else’s pain and wanted to do something in the honor of the victims.
Such a day cannot be forgotten or overlooked. Everyone is dealing in his or her own way. I think that getting tattoos that honor Paris attack victims is a simple gesture that means a lot more than doing nothing. Indeed, we are helpless against such happenings, but we can relate and become more united than ever before.

16. Wrist pray for Paris tattoo

Tattoos That Honor Paris Attack Victims

This tattoo belongs to Melanie Cisneros. She posted a picture with her new tattoo a day after the incidents. While we don’t know much about her, we are sure she is a solidary person. The tattoos that show support for Paris are simple because they are seen as symbols, not as works of art. Melanie chose a plain design of the Eiffel Tower and inked it on her wrist. This particular location is very visible, so she probably needs to be reminded how fragile life is, every day.

15. The Eiffel Tower is a powerful symbol

Tattoos That Honor Paris Attack Victims

The person who got this Eiffel Tower tattoo is from Montreal. This picture was uploaded on Instagram a day after the Paris attacks. I don’t know about you, but when I think of Paris, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum automatically come to mind. I would’ve opted for the tower symbol rather than something else as well. Even people from Quebec wanted to show support for Paris!

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14. Ohio shows support too

Tattoos That Honor Paris Attack Victims

This tattoo is on a guy from Ohio. He went to a parlor where tattoo artist Jay Spizzy gave him what he came for. I think it’s safe to say that this Eiffel Tower design is austere. It is not a simple sketch, as the others were, but a blackened version. He is mourning even if he lives on another continent. This is proof that humanity disregards proximity. I wish there were more people like him!

13. Finger tattoo honors Paris victims

Tattoos That Honor Paris Attack Victims

This girl isn’t beautiful just on the outside, but also on the inside. According to her Instagram account, she got tattooed after Friday 13th; when the horrific events took place. She is not one regular Paris fan, but a grieving person. Follow her example and keep smiling thinking you’ve got the chance to life that hundreds of people no longer have.


12. Tribute tattoo on a Filipina

Tattoos That Honor Paris Attack Victims

This woman is from the Philippines. She got this wonderful tattoo to show her love and support. The tattoo artist who designed and inked this piece is Levin CarCrash. He used the watercolor technique to make it cheerful despite of the sadness and despair that hide behind it. The fact that a Filipina thought of this gesture is wonderful. We are all the same, but divided because of all the wrong reasons. Don’t you agree?

11. Peace and Paris in one tattoo

Tattoos That Honor Paris Attack Victims

This guy is French. He went to get a tattoo after the unfortunate event, on November 18th. Charla Chak inked it on his skin, in a tattoo shop located in Paris. He posted this picture on his Facebook profile, as well as on his blog. This is a peace symbol and a wonderful way to rise up and join the general pain. It is nice to know that compassion is not a feeling stranger to man.

10. Compassionate Canadians got peace tattoos for Paris

Tattoos That Honor Paris Attack Victims

Eilo Martin is the name of the tattoo artist who did these tattoos that honor Paris attack victims. They might not look perfect, but that’s not because Eilo is not a talented artist. On the contrary, she is very appreciated for her work. The peace sign and the Eiffel Tower combination doesn’t belong to her, but it sends the best possible message. Eilo is just as affected as her clients are.

9. German tattoo model joins the support group

Tattoos That Honor Paris Attack Victims

This beautiful, considerate and compassionate girl is from Stuttgart, Germany. She didn’t hesitate to get a tattoo that showed support. Every tattoo matters even for a person who’s already got plenty. Besides showing off her finger tattoo, she was posing showing the peace sign. Everyone could learn a thing or two from her. Her choice is small and delicate, but the message she sends is powerful!

8. Peaceful tribute to Paris attacks

Tattoos That Honor Paris Attack Victims

Both men and women took a very inspired decision after the tragedy from Paris. The world needs peace and everybody knows a few tattoos cannot change that, but they can bring people together. If people are united, they can achieve greatness. He is one more person who needed to express his grief and hope for better. Rumor has it that French graphic designer Jean Jullien redesigned the peace symbol to match recent events.

7. Paris United to honor and support

Tattoos That Honor Paris Attack Victims

Blood, the Eiffel Tower and the message Paris Unis, which is French for Paris United, are some of the elements of a tattoo design made after the attacks. The person who came up with this idea calls himself the Fox. Judging by the partially obscene position of the hand from his drawing, he is angry. Not all of us can accept and grieve in silence. Some individuals go through phases of extreme anger.

6. Friday 13th, pray 4 them

Tattoos That Honor Paris Attack Victims

Another design meant to be tattooed; this one is made by Franck Foursingers. Besides drawing the Eiffel Tower and flowers, he included a message that says Friday 13th, pray for them. Regardless of what we believe in, we can pray for the victims, their families and ultimately, for a better world. Drawing is Franck’s way of expressing himself. What’s yours?

5. Traditional tattoo designs by Florence Levanti

Tattoos That Honor Paris Attack Victims

Florence Levanti is an artist who lives in Paris. He has foreseen the wave of people who would like to get tattoos as a response to the tragedy that happened recently. He designed five different tattoos that are all about overcoming and defeating the negativity. Levanti included empowering words in his designs, such as vaincra, which stands for overcoming, and resister, which means withstanding. He inked two of his designs already.

4. Florence Levanti’s French touch

Tattoos That Honor Paris Attack Victims

Florence Levanti’s tattoo designs that honor Paris attack victims are already appreciated. For example, this is one of the five designs he made, inked on a person’s body. It is one of the few tattoos that don’t contain the Eiffel Tower, but other symbols that are representative for France, respectively for Paris.

3. Florence Levanti’s Resister

Tattoos That Honor Paris Attack Victims

This design is full of meaning. The man’s clothes turn into France’s flag, the street lamp looks like the Sun, symbolizing hope, and the word resister completes the message. The person who chose to have this inked definitely got the point and wants to take action in a way or the other. Tattooed people feel closer to each other in general and now, people with tattoos that honor Paris victims will feel closer as well.

2. Latin motto representative for Paris

Tattoos That Honor Paris Attack Victims

This design together with the motto under it is very popular since November 13th. Fluctuat nec mergitur comes from Latin and it is considered Paris’s motto. In English, it means She is tossed by the waves but does not sink. Ugly Kid Gumo is the name of the tattoo artist who inked this. He is a French guy who lives and works in Paris. Disregard the skull above it. These two tattoos are not connected.

1. A motto that helps with grieving

Tattoos That Honor Paris Attack Victims

This is another tattoo inked by the same artist, namely Ugly Kid Gumo. It is identical with the previous one. However, the point is that in tough times like these, getting a unique tattoo is no longer a priority. These tattoos are symbols of deep emotions and devastating events. I believe that we can all relate even if we aren’t as brave as these people are.

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